Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day!

Ok I know that everyone is just coming down from all the running around called their life. But I have to say that I finally think that mine is coming to a calm stop. I can now say that I am back to crafting. So as of today I am trying to start on my challenge for next year. So 52 Layouts is the number that I want to finish. I have stuff started and ready to go. I WILL get this done. I am finally feeling crafty.

Happy Crafting everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 12

Nov 12

Hello everyone.
I am back. I have been gone for a little while but now I am back in action. It looks like my store didn't work out for me after all. But that's ok. I have been running around making some changes in my life while trying to make sure there is still order! Good luck with that I know. Anyway - I can not wait to start posting and surfing. Heres a mini update on how things went this summer....
Jenn and I went to the conferance in Disney land - SOOO much fun love you girl!!

My Children got to go to the circus for the first time. Nothing funnier then when they pulled my son up into centre stage with the clown, and he stood frozen!! It was so sad yet so funny at the same time.
My kids got to go to their very first Drive In movie. It was a Double feature but we went in very late in the season and it was just to cold. We got to see Transformers 3!! We WILL be going again. They had so much fun.

Paige got her first Job! Way to go honey!
Carlito turned 5!
We had a fantastic Halloween - One Pirate, one Dinosaur and My Dark Angel Jayde!! Can you believe she is only thirteen!

Paige turned 15 just last night! Where did the time go!

Well thats my mini update off to check everyone out!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello ladies!

I know that I haven't been here much so hopefully you see this message. I tried commenting on peoples blogs but it seems that is not going to happen, sorry!!

I am sending out a wish to everyone that they are doing well, and that they had a wonderful summer.

Hope to talk soon, and add art work right now I am just starting up my blog for the store.

Sending hugs your way!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I haven't forgotten you!

Well I haven't forgotten you honestly! I have been running around for the last little while with not a whole lot of time for crafting. I went up to Thompson Mb for a family reunion for 10 days at the start of July, rushed home so that I can get on a plane with my buddy Jenn - from scrappin geek and flew off to Disneyland for the conferance. Amazing I may add!! Then rushed home for a whole lot of painting and running around.

But it is finally all coming together and it looks like my soft opening for the store will be Aug the 17th.

Can not wait to start putting up new art work soon. Please let me have craft time soon going through withdrawal! LOL!

You can also find me on facebook - Tina Winship (Scrappin Happens at Tina's)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Layouts 19 & 20

Layout 19 = Chalking up a good time!
This layout was created with Bo Bunny paper. I took our Daisy White ink and distressed ALL the edges with the drag technique (have to say love how that turned out) I also took a white pen and added the hopscotch board to the empty space to give it the feel of a stamp.

Layout #20
This paper if from graphic 45, it is paper made for Alice in Wonderland, if you knew my Jayde you would not have been able to pass it up either. These are her halloween pictures. She wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland - but it had to be the new Tim Burton Alice! My daughter has a love of all things Burton! The Key I used on this layout was a little $1 find at Urban Plant one day it works so well.

Just so everyone knows I have been on the blogs lately but can not post any comments! Does anyone know whats happening there?

Roxy - i love your layout and I do not see it as Christmas at all. I love how you tied everything together with your paper choices. And the picture of your daughter is beautiful. Pictures like that are quickly becoming my favorites, the ones where you can not even see their faces but there is just something about how they are so busy enjoying life that you have to love the shot!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8 Layouts

Layout #17

Well after a great weekend of scrapbooking at mu good friends Jenns I was finally able to get some work done to get posted on here. This layout is Halloween last year. My son for a whole year wanted to be a pirate! So I finally figured he was going to be happy when I brought it home. With a look of puzzlement he looked at me and asked "Wheres the PEG leg like Pablos?" Well how was I suppose to know I needed a peg leg too? Do you think that is something you would have just relized? LOL Sorry Honey no peg legs for you - you still have two legs to work with.
I used Passages level 2, Cranberry ribbon, black thread to stitch around the outside and borrowed a cartridge for the cricket from my good fried :) I do believe it was a Halloween one for the letters, and dress up paper dolls for the map and skull.

Layout #18

This is the start of my sons school year album. I really do like how it turned out. I used CTMHs Fanfare level 2, Poster alphabet, Chip board stars, Classmate Alpha, the month of Aug stamp set, true fit folios and a spray pen for the letters on this layout.
The colors I used were Pacifica,Cranberry I used Honey on the letters instead of the sunny yellow it just seemed to match once it was on the chipboard so much better.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A mini Album from envelopes?

Thats right I made a mini ablum out of envelopes with my girls last month for fathers day. I love the look on their faces when they sat down and looked at the 4 envelopes and couldn't figure out what we were doing with them!

we actual used the 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 size for my project. (but I am out now so this one will have to do for a picture lol)

This one is not 100% complete yet as I have not decided on a title or embellishments. I just left is basic for the girls so they could decide what to add once the add the pictures. One thing is that you can not go to thick because it will not fold up again.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mud puddle fun

I have to say it is really hard to believe how FAST the time is flying by...I have been keeping busy with Classes, workshops, work, family, trying to get my store open, and preparing for next weekends crop at Jenns house! So can not wait by the way - I have been taking some time here and there to pick out my layouts and pictures, cut pieces, pick out titles and write up journaling - so when I get there I just have to grab a bag and start creating and embellishing! So far I have 23 layouts ready to go!

This last weekend we went out to our camper to help out with getting the sites level, we are in a small community campground and we help out where ever we can. With all the water lately it has made it a little bit of a mud pit! (And so you know I really am not complaining - exspecially with what so many families are going through in Manitoba with the flooding, my heart goes out to you all!) Well the next day before going home I though it would be a crime to waste such wonderful mud puddles, Dont you agree fellow scrapbookers?

These are just some of my favorites! I took over 200 pictures - maybe I should of taken one of the tub afterwards.....yikes! This is my son and middle daughter (she couldnt leave all the fun for him to have)

I hope these pictures give you a smile!

I will post the layout when I finish it :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have come to say I am sorry, to all my blog friends out there. I have been away for a long time and it seems it is going to keep going that way. I am in the process of making a life change! I have decided to leave my job and start on a whole new chapter of my life! (Please wish me luck - It looks like I may need it!) I have been working on this tiredly for the last month, hoping to make it a reality rather then a dream.

(My three wonderful kids - as diffrent as diffrent can be!)

I really love my family! They have fully chipped in to help me with this project as you can tell! If you can not tell this is the start of my dream a beautiful little scrapbooking store all of my own called

"Scrappin Happens"

so far everything seems to be going well and I should be open in Aug....please keep your fingers crossed for me.

But on that same note I am making a promise to come hang out a little more here too!! I miss these little moments and relize I need them in my life along with all of my blog friends and their wonderful creativity!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30 Sensational Love Mojo Monday

As I was blog hopping yesterday I relized that I still need to make some more cards for my card challange. I saw this was the current sketch on Mojo Monday and decided to try and play along.

So here is my version of this sketch. It is a 6x6 card, I used the Sophia papers, Pink collection designer ribbons and buttons, stampsets Baby love, Sensational season, I also used the Bohemian alphabet on the inside with the word LOVE.

Cards 6/24, Layoust 15/52,Helen 1, CFC 24

Monday, March 28, 2011

More sophia layouts

Here are the other layouts I created with Sophia. The first three are the ones created for the WOTG. Ever since my girls have started doing these workshops I have been getting a lot of pages done. Thanks! Layout # 12 This layout was great for using up those small photos of the animals at the zoo. When the Winships go on vacation we always make time if there is a zoo! It does not matter how many times we go my children adore to go to the ZOO! Exspecially the Calgary Zoo! So I do not need another page with all the same animals on them so this way they are still there and I have the main pictures of my family displayed instead. Layout #13 I love using up the silly little moments in my pictures - I know it is hard to see here but in some of these pictures my kiddos are making strange faces or laughing, it just brings back memories of the day for me. Layout #14 This layout is really neat - because these are photos taken by my youngest daughter on a walk during our holiday. It is amazing to see life through her eyes sometimes. Some of the pictures you may question what she took a picture of but let me tell you.... bottom left hand picture may look like dirt to you but there is a brown dragon fly there.Right hand page - top left picture is a paw print of a large cat of some sort (I do not claim to be an expert so I will not guess what kind) and to think I walked over it a dozen times and did not see it! And the top right is a picture of fluff caught on a piece of grass! Layout #15 OKAY! This one is not Sophia but it does go with my spring layout. Also this layout was created by Roz Kelly who I hope to one day meet. I just thought this fun Cherry - O paper went so well with the colors in my photos. And of my girls. Final Thoughts: It is amazing to see my children freak out over every new layout I create. More so over the pictures of them as little babies or toddlers. I guess because when I do current pictures they still have the memories, so fresh in there minds. I guess I need to continue on the older photo boxes. Hope you enjoy Layouts 15/52 Cards 5/24 Helen 1 CFC 24

Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25/11 Sophia Layouts!

Well I really think I should start of this post by saying Happy Anniversary to my hubby! We have been married for 16 years today! Love you babe!

Now on to the good stuff - lol

These are layouts that I have created for my WOTG, of just because.

Layout #12

This layout I created for my Funky swap for spring. I was just thrilled when I could uses it for pictures of my baby girl on her first days home from the hospital. She was born on May 10th which just happen to be mothers day that year. What a gift! Just so you know how old these pics are - my daughter is turning 13 in just a short time! Man am I behind!

Layout #13
This layout came from the new idea book. It is on page 1 and as soon as I saw it I wanted to recreate it. These pictures are dating me again. These are of my first daughter when she was three months old. We are on a trip to visit family. Can you believe how well the color of her dress goes with these papers. And again to give you an idea she is turning 15 this year!
Well I have lots more sophia layouts to show you but it seems I am out of time - please keep watching for more to come!
Cards 5/24
Layouts 13/52
Helen 1
CfC 24

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Layouts

These are layout that are not from any specific paper packs.

Layout # 9

This layout was done with hooligans. I had a lot of fun making this one and discovered that sometimes parents should just never ask. Like when you find a blue doll on your craft table filled with pins. Yelling out to my youngest daughter I asked "What is this?" when she replied very simply "I looked up how to make my own voodoo doll mom, isn't it cool?" And you know what just because her sister is being a pain she named it Paige!

Layout #10

This one is done of my 4 year old son - his check up was a little late but I decided I wanted a picture of him to scrapbook his height and weight. He came up with the rest "Mom now my foot, and my eye, my mouth (really he wanted his tongue ) then his hand!" I am so happy how this one turned out. Ex specially using the Magnifique paper and new color ready boarders.

Layout # 11

This a layout of the puppy we rescued in January. We were not looking for another puppy but she was hard to resist. A quick little back ground for you. Oreo and her sibling were found in a recycling bin on the 29th of December outside a local store. Their pads were frost bitten so bad that 2 1/2 weeks later when we went and met her they were still bleeding. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.

Layouts 11/52
Cards 5/24
Helen 1
CFC 24

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweetheart Layout March 16th 2011

Now that I have got the funky swap all done and shipped off I am able to take some time and post some layouts that I was able to get done while preparing for WOTG's and Group nights. The first set is done from the Sweetheart paper pack for CTMH.

Two layouts are the suggested layouts from CTMH - but I always provide a third layout sometimes even a forth.

This is my husbands cousins wedding. She played the piano for our wedding - and when she got married she asked both of our girls to be the flower girls.



This is one of my favorite layouts even though my son is not looking at the camera in any of these pictures. For the first time he is writting out his own Valentines day cards for pre school. He not only signed his name but copied all the names of his class mates as well. I would have to say my favorite part is that I added a picture of his actual printing in my layout. As soon as it was finished I wished that I had the same for my girls - what was I thinking??

Cards 5/24
Layouts 8/52
Helen 1
CFC 24

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Grrr moment in the life of a Crafter!

I know you have had these moments! Well mine came yesterday! I was happily making the changes to my, now fab layout - hehe - when part way through my SEWING machine decides it no longer wants to work. It no longer wants to move - on top of that there is a even louder whining noise! Well I think my machine is done!
It wouldn't be so bad - except that means there are 2 lovely swappers who will not get a layout with stitching on it! Out comes a bucket I guess and I will have to draw names.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So here is the before and after of my layout with the Boys layout -I didn't do much but I added just enough to spice it up just a little, I added a stamp to the tag beside Mike (tough), also two signs on the right hand page, I double stitched around both layouts and added more Lagoon brads.
Love to know what you think of the changes

Monday, March 7, 2011

Swap Layout

Ok ladies after seeing my layout all done up and on this blog I would have to say I am not happy with the end result - I feel its just to plain for what I want to send out to my swaping sisters, so keep your eyes open for the newer photo coming soon (working like a mad lady - hoping to have it look right to go out!)

Swap Spoiler - Male Child

So this is the layout I did for the Male Child. Now I am not a big gun person but when we went to the dollar store for my son to spend his first allowance (all $4 lol) he decided he wanted to be a police man. So ok suck it up mom, and relize that some of his preschool friends are into things far worse than wanting to be a police man! Ok so he got his sticky dart gun. Well the rule was that he could only shot it at the window or at his ABC chart on the wall. He could be the ABC cop! Well it did not take long before his two teen sisters got into the act. As you can see by the dart stuck in the middle of his eye protection. HEHE!
The paper I used was Hooligans
Lagoon and Black for embellishments
and Added Mike on there from a disney card I borrowed from my buddy Jenn
Cards 5/24
Layouts 5/52
Helen 1
CFC 24

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swap Spoiler layout #2 Spring

So this is the layout I did for our Spring part of your Funky Swap. I used the new Sophia papers. The 3-d flowers are crumpled flowers (I sprayed them with a touch of starch to hold their shape with shipping.) The spirals are from the Shopia stamp set - I guess I am really enjoying that set! I also used the new Bohemian Alpha.

I hope you enjoy!