Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 layout challenge #23 & 24

Hey everyone, I am sorry  I an a little late with this post but it has been a very rough and long week at my house.  I will not go into all the details for you of my whole week,but here is how it started.  Really how can people be that (for lack of a better word) stupid.  Really lets set up a target in a backyard (in the city) so our son can target practice with his new Pellet Gun in the backyard.  Now as parents think this through.  16 year old boy with gun in the backyard, now add more boys 16-20 in the same backyard with that gun.  Now that every thing is set up walk away and go some where else and leave those boys in the backyard.  NOW my friends do you see where this is going, because I could total before it all happened.  To say the least they ended up shooting out our front picture window with 4 different holes.  And lucky for my husband who was working out side on our camper, so we could go on holidays, was not hurt.

Now enough ranting and on to my layouts.  
Layout #23 Chubby Bunny
This was a workshop on the go layout that just seemed to work with these pictures.  I love the color's.  I also love the reminder at one point my son was chubby at all.  Because now at almost 6 there is none any where.
Layout #24 Dinner
This is a great layout, I love how it all came together.  It is another one from my trip to Disney land with Jenn.  I stitched around the out side in a messy two layer stitch.  Then made layered flowers out of satin ribbon. Added a couple of filigrees and black and white brads and I was done.  You can not really see it but the white background paper is actually embossed and sparkled.  It worked great for a bit of glamor.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great week I plan to enjoy every minute with my children and maybe hit an IKEA and SCRAPBOOKING store while in Calgary!  The zoo for sure.

Layouts 24 / 52
Books 49 / 38

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aug 2/2012 layout 21 &22

Hello everyone happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week.
There are a couple more layouts that I have gotten done in the last little bit (actually these last two were completed at the scrapbooking retreat with the girls)

Layout #21 This is Jayde's 14th birthday.  I have to admit it so easy to love Jayde.  It is hard to believe a child with so much personality and style, could still be shy and reserve.  For the people who know her just as Jayde you are lucky.  For the people who know all of her you are special.
 Layout #22 Are you my Mom?
A really love these pictures.  I was sitting reading are you my mom with Carlito who is 5, when he looked at me and said "Mom I got this"  to my surprise he really did.  He read the story with very little help and was so happy that he could.  Even more mind blowing for me was that he was predicting what was going to happen next in the story,  I had to keep reminding myself yes this is the first time we have read this story.

I added a little hidden area behind the 5x7 so I could write my shock :) and his comments for later.  

Have a great week
Layouts 22/52
Books 46/38