Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mud puddle fun

I have to say it is really hard to believe how FAST the time is flying by...I have been keeping busy with Classes, workshops, work, family, trying to get my store open, and preparing for next weekends crop at Jenns house! So can not wait by the way - I have been taking some time here and there to pick out my layouts and pictures, cut pieces, pick out titles and write up journaling - so when I get there I just have to grab a bag and start creating and embellishing! So far I have 23 layouts ready to go!

This last weekend we went out to our camper to help out with getting the sites level, we are in a small community campground and we help out where ever we can. With all the water lately it has made it a little bit of a mud pit! (And so you know I really am not complaining - exspecially with what so many families are going through in Manitoba with the flooding, my heart goes out to you all!) Well the next day before going home I though it would be a crime to waste such wonderful mud puddles, Dont you agree fellow scrapbookers?

These are just some of my favorites! I took over 200 pictures - maybe I should of taken one of the tub afterwards.....yikes! This is my son and middle daughter (she couldnt leave all the fun for him to have)

I hope these pictures give you a smile!

I will post the layout when I finish it :)

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  1. It sounds like you've been super busy Tina! Best of luck with your store opening! And have fun at the crop!! Looking forward to seeing your completed layouts. These photos are fantastic...makes me want to go find a mud puddle somewhere....LOL