Friday, June 17, 2011

Layouts 19 & 20

Layout 19 = Chalking up a good time!
This layout was created with Bo Bunny paper. I took our Daisy White ink and distressed ALL the edges with the drag technique (have to say love how that turned out) I also took a white pen and added the hopscotch board to the empty space to give it the feel of a stamp.

Layout #20
This paper if from graphic 45, it is paper made for Alice in Wonderland, if you knew my Jayde you would not have been able to pass it up either. These are her halloween pictures. She wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland - but it had to be the new Tim Burton Alice! My daughter has a love of all things Burton! The Key I used on this layout was a little $1 find at Urban Plant one day it works so well.

Just so everyone knows I have been on the blogs lately but can not post any comments! Does anyone know whats happening there?

Roxy - i love your layout and I do not see it as Christmas at all. I love how you tied everything together with your paper choices. And the picture of your daughter is beautiful. Pictures like that are quickly becoming my favorites, the ones where you can not even see their faces but there is just something about how they are so busy enjoying life that you have to love the shot!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8 Layouts

Layout #17

Well after a great weekend of scrapbooking at mu good friends Jenns I was finally able to get some work done to get posted on here. This layout is Halloween last year. My son for a whole year wanted to be a pirate! So I finally figured he was going to be happy when I brought it home. With a look of puzzlement he looked at me and asked "Wheres the PEG leg like Pablos?" Well how was I suppose to know I needed a peg leg too? Do you think that is something you would have just relized? LOL Sorry Honey no peg legs for you - you still have two legs to work with.
I used Passages level 2, Cranberry ribbon, black thread to stitch around the outside and borrowed a cartridge for the cricket from my good fried :) I do believe it was a Halloween one for the letters, and dress up paper dolls for the map and skull.

Layout #18

This is the start of my sons school year album. I really do like how it turned out. I used CTMHs Fanfare level 2, Poster alphabet, Chip board stars, Classmate Alpha, the month of Aug stamp set, true fit folios and a spray pen for the letters on this layout.
The colors I used were Pacifica,Cranberry I used Honey on the letters instead of the sunny yellow it just seemed to match once it was on the chipboard so much better.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A mini Album from envelopes?

Thats right I made a mini ablum out of envelopes with my girls last month for fathers day. I love the look on their faces when they sat down and looked at the 4 envelopes and couldn't figure out what we were doing with them!

we actual used the 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 size for my project. (but I am out now so this one will have to do for a picture lol)

This one is not 100% complete yet as I have not decided on a title or embellishments. I just left is basic for the girls so they could decide what to add once the add the pictures. One thing is that you can not go to thick because it will not fold up again.

Hope you enjoy!