Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 12

Nov 12

Hello everyone.
I am back. I have been gone for a little while but now I am back in action. It looks like my store didn't work out for me after all. But that's ok. I have been running around making some changes in my life while trying to make sure there is still order! Good luck with that I know. Anyway - I can not wait to start posting and surfing. Heres a mini update on how things went this summer....
Jenn and I went to the conferance in Disney land - SOOO much fun love you girl!!

My Children got to go to the circus for the first time. Nothing funnier then when they pulled my son up into centre stage with the clown, and he stood frozen!! It was so sad yet so funny at the same time.
My kids got to go to their very first Drive In movie. It was a Double feature but we went in very late in the season and it was just to cold. We got to see Transformers 3!! We WILL be going again. They had so much fun.

Paige got her first Job! Way to go honey!
Carlito turned 5!
We had a fantastic Halloween - One Pirate, one Dinosaur and My Dark Angel Jayde!! Can you believe she is only thirteen!

Paige turned 15 just last night! Where did the time go!

Well thats my mini update off to check everyone out!!