Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello everyone! 
I am sorry I have not been around a lot lately, but I have not been a very crafty girl at all lately.  I have to say  I am working very hard on making my life easier right now.  I have been spending the last few months organizing and doing things just in general that will help me have more time with my family.

This is one of my new things, creating meals ready to go into my freezer so that I do not have to think about it or plan far ahead of time.  My receipt book for the recipes shown below are from "Fix it and Forget it cookbook"  They are not listed as freezer meals but I have had them now a few times and they are great, the best part is my children and husband really enjoy having great food ready for them.
These meals are all crock pot meals I throw them in the crock pot in the morning and good to go!!

 The two meals here are Beef stew and Sweet and sour pork.
 I used these little laminating sheets, (that I had in my craftroom for other that are for laminating business cards.  I wrote down the page and any last minute instructions for the meal.  The great part is that now that it is laminated I can just keep reusing the card.
And last of all, my family is not really big on taking the time to make breakfast.  So I decided to make these breakfast burritos.  I was able to find a large bag of bulk bacon pieces at a wholesale store here in town.  they are made for pizzas.  (which I have so much left over its not even funny - for $14)  I got the shells at costco for $7 and cut them in half this way they were smaller.  I would rather they made 2 if they were still hungry then throw away food.
I was able to get 44 on this batch.  And I have to soon make some more!!

It looks like I am off to work on my sons Lego books.

Bye ladies!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 layout challenge #23 & 24

Hey everyone, I am sorry  I an a little late with this post but it has been a very rough and long week at my house.  I will not go into all the details for you of my whole week,but here is how it started.  Really how can people be that (for lack of a better word) stupid.  Really lets set up a target in a backyard (in the city) so our son can target practice with his new Pellet Gun in the backyard.  Now as parents think this through.  16 year old boy with gun in the backyard, now add more boys 16-20 in the same backyard with that gun.  Now that every thing is set up walk away and go some where else and leave those boys in the backyard.  NOW my friends do you see where this is going, because I could total before it all happened.  To say the least they ended up shooting out our front picture window with 4 different holes.  And lucky for my husband who was working out side on our camper, so we could go on holidays, was not hurt.

Now enough ranting and on to my layouts.  
Layout #23 Chubby Bunny
This was a workshop on the go layout that just seemed to work with these pictures.  I love the color's.  I also love the reminder at one point my son was chubby at all.  Because now at almost 6 there is none any where.
Layout #24 Dinner
This is a great layout, I love how it all came together.  It is another one from my trip to Disney land with Jenn.  I stitched around the out side in a messy two layer stitch.  Then made layered flowers out of satin ribbon. Added a couple of filigrees and black and white brads and I was done.  You can not really see it but the white background paper is actually embossed and sparkled.  It worked great for a bit of glamor.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great week I plan to enjoy every minute with my children and maybe hit an IKEA and SCRAPBOOKING store while in Calgary!  The zoo for sure.

Layouts 24 / 52
Books 49 / 38

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aug 2/2012 layout 21 &22

Hello everyone happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week.
There are a couple more layouts that I have gotten done in the last little bit (actually these last two were completed at the scrapbooking retreat with the girls)

Layout #21 This is Jayde's 14th birthday.  I have to admit it so easy to love Jayde.  It is hard to believe a child with so much personality and style, could still be shy and reserve.  For the people who know her just as Jayde you are lucky.  For the people who know all of her you are special.
 Layout #22 Are you my Mom?
A really love these pictures.  I was sitting reading are you my mom with Carlito who is 5, when he looked at me and said "Mom I got this"  to my surprise he really did.  He read the story with very little help and was so happy that he could.  Even more mind blowing for me was that he was predicting what was going to happen next in the story,  I had to keep reminding myself yes this is the first time we have read this story.

I added a little hidden area behind the 5x7 so I could write my shock :) and his comments for later.  

Have a great week
Layouts 22/52
Books 46/38

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Layouts

Happy Thursday everyone!
Ok so I am one day late, sorry ladies my laptop was tied up by my 14 year old yesterday.  So I added some great layouts this week that I actual really enjoy making.  2 are from when I was in Disney Land and the other is of my daughter Jayde. (the laptop thief)
I hope you enjoy!

Layout 18: We made sure that we went to poohs thotful spot for Jenn.  I had to admit I got caught up in all the excitement of Disneyland.  I used some Tim Holtz CS and a sheet of Hundred Acre woods paper that I found.  I stitched all along the squares to make a blanket effect.  I doodled around the tag titles with just a regular Black marker. 
Layout #19 Jurassic Park - at Universal studios
Wow this was so fun, I was so happy that I decided to wear my swim top to go to this park.  And yes you see a fanny pack on me!! I know right a fanny pack really?! I hear you all now what were you thinking?  The truth of the matter is that we resisted the fanny pack for days!! But then really we just couldn't do it any more.  And I have to say it was the best $15 I could have spent.  My hands were completely freed up for my camera case which was a big pain in the butt by it's self.  Again I stitched around a few of the lighter elements to add some layers.

Layout #20 Simply Beautiful  - My beautiful 14 year old who stole my computer!
I thought I would throw this one in since she was the computer thief.  These pictures were taken as a goofing around day. within 5 minutes we set up a quick photo shoot and had a blast. 
I created this layout as a third layout for my classes on the WOTG.
The word beautiful all along the outside edge of the layout as a kind of stitched effect.  The flower in the top left corner is stamped twice, I then cut out the centre of one to pop it up.  I then ran my blender pen over top of the ink to give the whole flower a little color.  I finished the flower off by adding mini pearls to the inside of the flower.

Thanks for looking and have a great week!!
Layouts 20/52
Books 46/38

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tresa Black layout

 Layout #17 Tresa Black from the blog fabulously artsy.  

     So I was going to post more than one layout, but I decided against that and decided to add just this single layout instead.
     This  was taken last July 2011 at the Disney Land convention. Which by the was was a great time with my friend Jenn.  I was sooooo excited to be able to take a class with this very talented and wonderful woman.  ( These images do enlarge if you click on them.) Ok so I am not too sure what the paper is (really you think I would have used CTMH ) but I wanted something that sparkled.  After all the class was about adding Brazzle Dazzle to your pages!
The blue paper under the main page actual is all sparkles :)

The wings under the crown were embossed with some black embossing powder mixed with sparkles.

I then added her name which was also embossed but as a messy embossing.  I did not bother to clean up the little specks as I wanted it to look a little distressed.  ( I am still thinking of adding so stitching up the base of the letters as well, I will have to let you know if do that).  You can also see there is a shadow just below her name that is because I have popped up that picture so I can add my hidden journaling. 

Thank you for all the inspiration Mrs Artsy! And if you are not already a fan please check out her blog
She has wonderful ideas and tutorials.

Layouts 17/52
Books 44/38

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Layouts 12-16

Ok so I finally brought home my camera from the camper, so I can take some pictures of my layouts.  I am sitting down now and adding these layouts and making myself finish at least one post a week.  With a layout.

Layout #12 Be Mine
 I love how these black and whites of my first daughter and my husband just fit in here.

Layout 13 Daughter
 So this is a layout of my daughter 2 Halloween's ago.  I am not sure what paper this is.

I added this cute little picture that my daughter drew, it was something at that time that she was always doing.

Layout 15
This is a layout of my second daughter.  She won a place in the Elementary art show this year.

Layout 16 My First Job
I added a picture of both her pay cheque, first set of tips, I also added her actual pay stub.

Well I hope you enjoy these layouts.  More to come next Wed.  Until I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and burn free!

Layouts 16/52
Books 43

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

WOW time has really been flying by.  I have been trying really hard to be in the crafting spirit, but I have been finding it really hard.  Life has been stepping in the way, between family issues and tying up all the lose ends with the business, it just has made it hard to be creative.

Well with that said, Jenn had set up a scrapbooking weeked ( 5 days worth actually - unfortunately I was only able to do two days).  We went to a cabin where 5 of us scrapbooked our little hearts out.  I am so glad to have done it, I may not have got a lot accomplished but I was able to heal a little bit of my spirit I think.  But then again great friends and lots of laughs will do that.

I am hoping to have pictures of some of my layouts on here very soon, as soon as I take the pictures of them that ;)
Talk to you soon!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

More layouts

Layout #9
This layout was done for our trip to the Circus. It was so much fun watching carlito get picked by the clown, to join in a part of his act.
Carlito was soooo mad at his sisters when he got back to his sisters. (They raised his hand for him..hehe) I used Bo Bunny for this layout.

Layout #10
These are pictures of Montie when he first came home to us.

Layout #11

This is a layout I made for Jayde after we did a little photo shoot. She was so pretty in her Dark Angel outfit for Halloween. I created the purple back ground by embossing it with black and glitter embossing powder. It was a mixture I just made myself.

Layout #12

I had this layout pre made for a long time but had never put pictures in it. So I thought it would be a great place to put pictures of my sons first hair style. He decided he wanted a mowhawk. He is starting to get so big!

Layout #13

Again completed layout but was a perfect fit for my daughters 15 birthday pictures. And to think I was thinking my son was getting so big!!

Thank you for looking

Layouts 13/52

Books 15/38

Friday, March 2, 2012

Layouts 6-8

Go figure I have layouts ready to go but just couldn't seem to get them onto my blog. So while I am making my home made spaghetti sauce I am loading. LOL! The true meaning of multi tasking.

Layout #6
This one is the third layout I created for the workshop on the go. Its pretty simple I just added some tags by cutting out lables from the paper and popping them out. Carlito was lucky this year he got to be two things. By day he was luke skywalker (which I am sure Jenn knows all about) and by night he was a dinosaur. Take a look as he tries to eat dad!!
Layout #7
This one is the workshop on the go - did not have to add or change anything because well honestly its purr-fic as it is. And yes that is my cat inside the pumpkin.

Layout #8
The drive in!! Sooo much fun. I love watching my kids get excited over something new - even if the even is old like going to a drive in.

And just because he wouldn't leave me alone while I was taking these photos my cat Montie. Maybe it was because I kicked him off his table, in front of the window.

Layouts 8/52
Books 13/38

Friday, February 17, 2012

An altered project

So I have been working on some of my faults for this I always order the altered project deals through CTMH but I never end up completing them. So I am trying to change that. So here is the Rock the Block promotion that I just finished putting together.
So the colors I used are Juniper and Creme. Inspired by one of my fav paper packs. Veranda!
I decided to use up some embellishments that I knew I was not going to use any where else as well. So I added the Bliss flowers /butterfly pack, juniper buttons, pearls, stick pin, and Creme ribbon that I had left over from another promotion.

(dont know why it keeps underlining but I cant seem to get rid of it )
This little guy has been sitting in my craft room for a very long time. I found him for a $1 at Micheals once and thought, hey I could do something with him. Well today was that day. I had a spot that was looking bare.. when I looked up to think there he was. And doesn't he look fab on top of my blocks. I think it almost looks like the project was made around him.

Thanks for looking
By the way I also have 7 layouts completed that I will start posting very soon so keep checking back!
Layouts 5/52
Books 11/38

Friday, February 3, 2012

layout # 5

This layout has been sitting around since Jenn's last scrapbooking weekend. I just had not finished it. I really liked how it turned out with nothing on it. So I kept humming and haaing over if I should leave it or add the extras. So here it is with the extras. I am not 100% happy with the results but its growing on me.

These pictures were taken last summer at our camper after a weekend of straight rain. I decided to get some cute little pictures of my little guy mud puddle jumping, why? Because I am a scrapbooker and a nut all at the same time. It did not take long for my 13 year old to join in. So 200 pictures later and a lot of weird looks from the other campers this is what I got!!
(ok i dont know why but only the last picture will enlarge if you click on it)
Hard to see here but I used spray mist on the layouts, I used our Ch reinker and a little of out pearl paint. I should of added extra reinker but that's ok.

I then used our Flip Flaps - I really adore them by the way for big layouts like this one. Really there is more then one 2 page layout here.
I used some sunset assortment accessories I had left over. Also the ch felt flowers were lying around from another accessory kit I had. I also added pearls as well.
The banner words are embossed with cocoa embossing powder then brayered with sunset.
I added some cut outs from the Art Philosophy Cart, and a canvas button badge to this one.

Hard to see I know but the second title states A mud puddle jumped on me! Got to love Robert Munch. Sorry noticed afterwards in the final picture the little felt flower fell off, it was part of the sunset cluster at the bottom of my sons picture, of him giggling.
Thanks for looking

Layouts 5/52
Books 6/38

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24 Spooky Buds in 2010!

Layout #4 Spooky Buds
I was looking through my box of layouts to be completed and I noticed I had this one all ready to go. So here it is This is my little guy, two years ago with his new pumpkin stand. He was so excited because he got to pick it out, while we were shopping for new Halloween decorations. He loves that he can make it with very little help and his older sisters did not get one.

Layout #4/52
Book #5/38

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 12 A fall from the past

Layout #3 Pemberton BC

I have had this layout started for awhile but I just could not come up with any thing to finish it. So after some series thought sessions this is what I came up with. (Now the circle brads around the pictures where done before hand.) So I added the fall leaves and title with a mixture of colors to lighten up the layout.

Colors used in this layout are - sunflower, goldrush and holiday red.

Layout - 3 / 52
Books 4 / 38

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 7th 2012 Layout #1 & 2

Layout #1 Summer Sweetness

These are old pictures. My girls are just tiny here....sigh how quickly they become! When we lived in Abbotsford Bc there was always a festival in the summer, it high lighted all the berry growers. They would have it in the middle of town for 3 days with rides, entertainment, and food. It was always so much fun for the kids.
Paper used was - Cherry-o,

I decided to add some glitter to this layout.

On this part I used the puff paint as well, while it was still wet I added the glitter then heat set it.

Layout # 2 - Edmonton
at the end of last years school year (2011) My daughter got to go for her band trip to Edmonton. She only took a few pictures of her and her friends goofing off, so I had to scrap what I could. Her fav color is purple So I thought this worked well.

Thanks for stopping By!