Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have come to say I am sorry, to all my blog friends out there. I have been away for a long time and it seems it is going to keep going that way. I am in the process of making a life change! I have decided to leave my job and start on a whole new chapter of my life! (Please wish me luck - It looks like I may need it!) I have been working on this tiredly for the last month, hoping to make it a reality rather then a dream.

(My three wonderful kids - as diffrent as diffrent can be!)

I really love my family! They have fully chipped in to help me with this project as you can tell! If you can not tell this is the start of my dream a beautiful little scrapbooking store all of my own called

"Scrappin Happens"

so far everything seems to be going well and I should be open in Aug....please keep your fingers crossed for me.

But on that same note I am making a promise to come hang out a little more here too!! I miss these little moments and relize I need them in my life along with all of my blog friends and their wonderful creativity!!


  1. WOW!! Congrats Tina!! I keep dreaming of opening my own store but I'm a chicken! Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going (:

  2. Hey, Tina, I was wondering where you were, but I'm so glad you're getting to fulfill your dream, that is sooooo great!!! Keep us updated with your progress, and yes, don't forget to visit our blogs! Hugs, Roxy.