Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Layouts

These are layout that are not from any specific paper packs.

Layout # 9

This layout was done with hooligans. I had a lot of fun making this one and discovered that sometimes parents should just never ask. Like when you find a blue doll on your craft table filled with pins. Yelling out to my youngest daughter I asked "What is this?" when she replied very simply "I looked up how to make my own voodoo doll mom, isn't it cool?" And you know what just because her sister is being a pain she named it Paige!

Layout #10

This one is done of my 4 year old son - his check up was a little late but I decided I wanted a picture of him to scrapbook his height and weight. He came up with the rest "Mom now my foot, and my eye, my mouth (really he wanted his tongue ) then his hand!" I am so happy how this one turned out. Ex specially using the Magnifique paper and new color ready boarders.

Layout # 11

This a layout of the puppy we rescued in January. We were not looking for another puppy but she was hard to resist. A quick little back ground for you. Oreo and her sibling were found in a recycling bin on the 29th of December outside a local store. Their pads were frost bitten so bad that 2 1/2 weeks later when we went and met her they were still bleeding. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.

Layouts 11/52
Cards 5/24
Helen 1
CFC 24

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  1. Your layouts are all fabulous Tina!!! I love all of the stories!! Especially the Voodoo Princess (: The check up layout is a neat idea, even the tongue picture (: