Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Grrr moment in the life of a Crafter!

I know you have had these moments! Well mine came yesterday! I was happily making the changes to my, now fab layout - hehe - when part way through my SEWING machine decides it no longer wants to work. It no longer wants to move - on top of that there is a even louder whining noise! Well I think my machine is done!
It wouldn't be so bad - except that means there are 2 lovely swappers who will not get a layout with stitching on it! Out comes a bucket I guess and I will have to draw names.


  1. Aww Tina, so sorry to hear about your sewing machine. Don't stress about mine...I have a machine and can add the stitching. Love that you added this to your looks great!

  2. That's really too bad! I got a machine last Christmas, and it's addicting to sew on layouts (although I can't sew a lick with fabric!) Maybe it can be fixed? Hope so!