Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing day!

Ok I know that everyone is just coming down from all the running around called their life. But I have to say that I finally think that mine is coming to a calm stop. I can now say that I am back to crafting. So as of today I am trying to start on my challenge for next year. So 52 Layouts is the number that I want to finish. I have stuff started and ready to go. I WILL get this done. I am finally feeling crafty.

Happy Crafting everyone!!!!


  1. I'm with you!! 52 was the perfect number for the year. It made me get something done but without a tonne of pressure! I still have to get the last of my 2011 layouts posted!

  2. Hey, Tina, how was your Christmas and New Year's? So are you linking up with Jenn J. and me again? I think I'm going to stick with 52, even though I got more than that done this year, then I didn't have to feel bad that I didn't accomplish my goal! And yes, you WILL get it done! Glad you're feeling crafty again, hugs, Roxy.