Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tresa Black layout

 Layout #17 Tresa Black from the blog fabulously artsy.  

     So I was going to post more than one layout, but I decided against that and decided to add just this single layout instead.
     This  was taken last July 2011 at the Disney Land convention. Which by the was was a great time with my friend Jenn.  I was sooooo excited to be able to take a class with this very talented and wonderful woman.  ( These images do enlarge if you click on them.) Ok so I am not too sure what the paper is (really you think I would have used CTMH ) but I wanted something that sparkled.  After all the class was about adding Brazzle Dazzle to your pages!
The blue paper under the main page actual is all sparkles :)

The wings under the crown were embossed with some black embossing powder mixed with sparkles.

I then added her name which was also embossed but as a messy embossing.  I did not bother to clean up the little specks as I wanted it to look a little distressed.  ( I am still thinking of adding so stitching up the base of the letters as well, I will have to let you know if do that).  You can also see there is a shadow just below her name that is because I have popped up that picture so I can add my hidden journaling. 

Thank you for all the inspiration Mrs Artsy! And if you are not already a fan please check out her blog http://www.fabulouslyartsy.com
She has wonderful ideas and tutorials.

Layouts 17/52
Books 44/38


  1. Love this layout Tina! I love Tresa's blog and she seems like such a fun person! Perhaps I'll get to meet her next year in Orlando!

  2. Fabulous layout Tina!!! I love all of the different techniques/embellishments you have used!!! I have followed Tresa since I started with CTMH, even before blogging when she would post things on the BBs. Look at you go with the books!!! Have you read the Grey series yet?? I just started the first book the other day.