Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Layouts 12-16

Ok so I finally brought home my camera from the camper, so I can take some pictures of my layouts.  I am sitting down now and adding these layouts and making myself finish at least one post a week.  With a layout.

Layout #12 Be Mine
 I love how these black and whites of my first daughter and my husband just fit in here.

Layout 13 Daughter
 So this is a layout of my daughter 2 Halloween's ago.  I am not sure what paper this is.

I added this cute little picture that my daughter drew, it was something at that time that she was always doing.

Layout 15
This is a layout of my second daughter.  She won a place in the Elementary art show this year.

Layout 16 My First Job
I added a picture of both her pay cheque, first set of tips, I also added her actual pay stub.

Well I hope you enjoy these layouts.  More to come next Wed.  Until I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and burn free!

Layouts 16/52
Books 43


  1. Great layouts Tina!!! Your daughters art work is gorgeous!!! I love the idea of the First Job layout (: I wasn't to fond of the Lucy paper but I love your layout!! The B & W pics look great on it!!! I will be away next week but I will check out your blog as soon as I'm back (:

  2. Hey, Tina, missed you! These are wonderful layouts, I really love how you added the pay stub to your job layout, awesome!!! And I looooooove the first one, the way the photos are laid out looks truly phenomenal! Yes, it's pretty hot here, so hopefully we will be burn free, although Nolan's already a lobster from Saturday - oops, bad mom!

  3. I recognize these lol!!! I'll say it again, they look great!!!