Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aug 2/2012 layout 21 &22

Hello everyone happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week.
There are a couple more layouts that I have gotten done in the last little bit (actually these last two were completed at the scrapbooking retreat with the girls)

Layout #21 This is Jayde's 14th birthday.  I have to admit it so easy to love Jayde.  It is hard to believe a child with so much personality and style, could still be shy and reserve.  For the people who know her just as Jayde you are lucky.  For the people who know all of her you are special.
 Layout #22 Are you my Mom?
A really love these pictures.  I was sitting reading are you my mom with Carlito who is 5, when he looked at me and said "Mom I got this"  to my surprise he really did.  He read the story with very little help and was so happy that he could.  Even more mind blowing for me was that he was predicting what was going to happen next in the story,  I had to keep reminding myself yes this is the first time we have read this story.

I added a little hidden area behind the 5x7 so I could write my shock :) and his comments for later.  

Have a great week
Layouts 22/52
Books 46/38


  1. Great layouts Tina! I love the hidden journalling on the second layout - very clever!

  2. Loving the layouts Tina, wonderfully done!

  3. Jayde is such a beautiful girl!!! Your layout of her is gorgeous!! I love the title and the bling with the stars (: I love the colour combo on your second layout!! Aren't Dr. Suess the best!!! My boys started reading with his stories. Aidan felt like he was cheating because the words rhymed (: