Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

WOW time has really been flying by.  I have been trying really hard to be in the crafting spirit, but I have been finding it really hard.  Life has been stepping in the way, between family issues and tying up all the lose ends with the business, it just has made it hard to be creative.

Well with that said, Jenn had set up a scrapbooking weeked ( 5 days worth actually - unfortunately I was only able to do two days).  We went to a cabin where 5 of us scrapbooked our little hearts out.  I am so glad to have done it, I may not have got a lot accomplished but I was able to heal a little bit of my spirit I think.  But then again great friends and lots of laughs will do that.

I am hoping to have pictures of some of my layouts on here very soon, as soon as I take the pictures of them that ;)
Talk to you soon!!

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