Friday, March 2, 2012

Layouts 6-8

Go figure I have layouts ready to go but just couldn't seem to get them onto my blog. So while I am making my home made spaghetti sauce I am loading. LOL! The true meaning of multi tasking.

Layout #6
This one is the third layout I created for the workshop on the go. Its pretty simple I just added some tags by cutting out lables from the paper and popping them out. Carlito was lucky this year he got to be two things. By day he was luke skywalker (which I am sure Jenn knows all about) and by night he was a dinosaur. Take a look as he tries to eat dad!!
Layout #7
This one is the workshop on the go - did not have to add or change anything because well honestly its purr-fic as it is. And yes that is my cat inside the pumpkin.

Layout #8
The drive in!! Sooo much fun. I love watching my kids get excited over something new - even if the even is old like going to a drive in.

And just because he wouldn't leave me alone while I was taking these photos my cat Montie. Maybe it was because I kicked him off his table, in front of the window.

Layouts 8/52
Books 13/38


  1. They look great T!!! Lito makes a super cute Luke!! I want to see Jayde's pages from Halloween!!!

  2. Great layouts Tina!!! I love the Mischief WOTG!! They made such good use of every little bit (: I even made the banner!! I love the pic of your cat in the pumpkin!! Too cute!!! Where the heck did you find a drive in!!??? I'm just old enough to remember them and I think it would be so much fun to take my kids to one!!!

  3. Oh wow, these are fantastic!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun at Hallowe'en, and I looooooove the idea of going to a drive-in! So fun, I still remember going to see Karate Kid when I was, well, however old! Your cat is super cute, too, he looks very intelligent, haha!