Friday, February 4, 2011

Card # 4

Anyone who has been to my blog before knows that I HATE making cards - it just is not something that comes natural to me. I stress and fuss and end up hating what ever I create. I took on a card challenge to push myself, and was still feeling frustrated! I figured this is nuts I don't have this much trouble when it comes to layouts..What can I do to make this move more smoothly.
So I did things a little differently, it was time to actually plan my card this time. This is total forgein to me, usually I decide on a layout and just start creating, and making decisions on the fly. Not this time!
What I did was go through all my stamps and pulled out the ones I truly loved to use. I then took my wishes book, some markers and a notebook upstairs to watch some T.V. As I sat there I picked cards out of the wishes book that would best work for me, then I started looking at the stamps that I had pulled. When I was happy I started sketching and coloring in - I did not use really colors just different colors so I would know what was different B&T etc. When I had four or five sketches completed I went downstairs and started to create.
Here is the first card I came up with from one of those sketches would love to know what you think!
Pattern comes from Wishes page 78
I used Lagoon and Sky CS and Inks
I used CTMH waterpen
Sweet leaf ribbon
and opaques Licorice
And used my Cuttle Bug to emboss the background
Card 4/24
Layout 2/52
Helen 1
CFC 18


  1. Sheesh! I wish I always did as well when I was worrying about a card to create. Beautiful job. I love the embossed background; I've always loved that stamp set and I think your layout is perfect! Nice colouring job too!!

  2. Stunning Tina!!! It's gorgeous, I love the colours and the embossing. Beautiful girl!

  3. Holy cow, this is STUNNING!!! I love it, and I love how you coloured the stamp! And believe me when I say it looks as if you were made to make cards! I'm kinda like you though, I have a hard time with cards too, layouts come much more easily. Here's to finding our card-style this year! Cheers!!!

  4. The card is fantastic....all the planning is paying off! Keep making cards, you are great at it! (despite your self critique)


  5. It is gorgeous Tina!!! I love the colour combo, it is so rich. Once you get going on the cards, you are going to end up loving to make them!! It's a nice break from layouts once in a while (:

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Keep making those cards girl 'cause you have talent!